Wake Up Your Spirit
Karen Beals, ACC, CPCC
Life & Leadership Coach

Transformation is possible.

Do it Different. Choose a New Perspective.

"I worked with Karen for 6 months.  She had the  amazing ability to create a safe and courageous space for me to learn about myself."
"Coaching is…unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."
- Whitmore

                What is Life and Leadership Coaching?

I CREATE THE SPACE FOR YOU TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. I COACH PEOPLE TO GET UNSTUCK.  In my day job, I coach leaders across our organization and also create and facilitate leadership trainings/retreats.  My passion is RECOVERY and ADHD.

WAKE UP YOUR SPIRIT for me means that you WAKE UP and KNOW that you ARE valued simply because of WHO you are.  WAKE UP YOUR SPIRIT means that it is time to start doing things differently.  It is time to say YES to what is important and NO to the patterns and behaviors that get in our way. 

It starts first with awareness...i.e., recognizing that somethin' ain't right.  Next...being INTENTIONAL and clear with what the vision is for your life.  Don't have one?  We'll create it. From this foundation, you will start to make choices that support your intentions so you CAN create the life you want and be the leader you are desiring to be. It requires courage.  It requires stepping out of your comfort zone. It requires being a stand for your life. 

YOU…can be part of changing our world by changing YOUR world first. When you are living from a place of wholeness and love… and knowing who you are at your core….it’s contagious!!! 

You will inspire others just by who you are being. The light of your life will light up others.  Imagine a candle in a dark room. What do you see? The candle! NOW..imagine YOUR candle lighting another..and another..and another. The whole room becomes illuminated!  LIGHT overcomes darkness...not the other way around.

What a Life and Leadership Coach IS NOT...

I often hear people say that coaching sounds a lot like therapy. While it’s true that they do share some similarities, they operate from very different paradigms.

In general, therapy is a medical model and is geared toward helping the client fix that which is not functioning well. There is diagnosis, treatment and usually involves going into the client’s past. The therapist is the ‘expert’. Therapy is a wonderful tool – I have benefited greatly from therapy. I also know where my skills as a coach end and where the skills of a therapist are required. I will not hesitate to direct my client to a therapist so that their (the client’s) needs can be met.

Life and Leadership Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client and operates from a model of possibility...working from the present moment forward. It's not about 'fixing' you.  It is from THIS place that we begin coaching. 

The Coaches Training Institute has a great analogy when describing the difference between coaching, consulting and therapy...

Let's say you want to learn to ride a bicycle:

  • A therapist is going to take you up to the bicycle and ask if you have any feelings that come up as you approach the bike. Then he or she will take you into your past to explore the feelings you are having around the bicycle.
  • A consultant is going to get on the bicycle themselves. He or she will learn how to ride it, write down all of the instructions, hand them to you and say "This is how you ride a bicycle."
  •  A coach is going to tell you to get on the bicycle and start pedaling. The coach will walk beside you until you can do it on your own.

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your coach. A good coach will give you a sample session and will never pressure you to be their client. Trust your coach. More importantly, trust yourself.  COACHING IS A RELATIONSHIP.

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