Wake Up Your Spirit
Karen Beals, ACC, CPRC

Your journey is just beginning.

It's NOT too late.

Say YES to what is most important in your life.

"The definition of Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."  OR "Knowing what you need to do but don't."


Is it time to create something different? Let's go!

I work with people throughout the world. Whether in person or by phone, we will find the times and methods most convenient for us to work together. 

Below is information to give you a sense of how we will begin:

  • Complimentary Coaching Session
    I will give you an initial complimentary coaching session. This offers you the opportunity to decide if coaching is right for you and whether I will be the right coach for you. Please call or text me at at 708-603-4482, or email me at karen@wakeupyourspirit.com or klb_1010@yahoo.com to set up your complimentary session.
  • Strategy Session
    When you are ready to begin, our first session together will be a strategy session. You and I will take time to get to know each other.  This could take 2-3 hours.  We will design our partnership together.  We will talk about your goals.  This is an opportunity for me to learn more about you and for you to ask me whatever questions you have - anything is fair game.  Coaching is a relationship built on trust - at your Strategy Session the seeds of trust are being planted.
  • Three Coaching Sessions a Month...or NOT!  What works best for you?
     The greatest traction in coaching happens with consistency. These can be done on the phone or in person (depending on where you live).  I spend 50% of my time in the Chicago area and 50% in Southern California.  Some like coaching 3 weeks in a row with 1 week off; others prefer the sessions spaced out over the month. I am in service of you - you may also email me or call me in between sessions if you are feeling stuck.
My coaching fees are as follows:
  • Strategy Session - $75.00.
  • Option 1 - $150.00 per month for three sessions (45 minutes in length) or $100 per month if you sign-up for three months.  You may also email me or call me in between sessions if you are feeling stuck.
  • Option 2 SLIDING SCALE.  If you want coaching but can’t fit it into your budget, I understand! Please call or email me to talk about my sliding scale.  I offer this to my clients because every single person deserves the opportunity to change their lives...and because I've been there.

 Please contact me at 708.603-4482 to talk about coaching fees.

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