Wake Up Your Spirit
Karen Beals, ACC, CPRC

Life leads us down different paths and directions;  you get to choose the path that will have your heart sing.  

You cannot change others; you can change yourself and how you respond to others.
"The resilience of the human spirit is courageous and breathtaking."  Karen Beals, Life and Recovery Coach

My Journey as a Life and Recovery Coach began with my own story...

I lost my 38 yr old sister suddenly and unexpectedly in a car accident – her 3 month old was also in the car and sustained permanent, severe brain damage, blindness and paralysis.

I'm the parent of a beautiful young woman (I made it through the teen years....that's bonus points), and I have been through a divorce.

I'm a recovering people pleaser and know first hand the costs of saying 'yes' when I should have said 'no'.  
Over the years, I have benefited tremendously from therapy (personal and couples), experiential groups and the 12 step fellowships.  I continue to do my own work...I also know where my skills as a coach end and the need for a therapist begins.

Coaching was the next step. I experienced the transformative power of coaching ... and so I do this
because "it works if you work it".  

Coaching has transformed my life. May I partner with you to transform yours?

My Coaching Training

I am an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and received my initial coach training through the Coaches Training Institute. In 2011, I completed Ben Dooley's Fast Pass to Masterful Coachingin 2012, Marion Franklin's (MCC) 12-week Laser Coaching Class; in 2014, "Essentials of Coaching" through the "Professional Christian Coaching Institute" (PCCI) and  PCCI's "Cross Cultural Coaching" course.  In 2016, I became a trained as Wellness Improvement System Facilitator through Interpersonal Wellness Services, Inc., one of the first ICF approved ACTSH wellness-oriented coach training programs.  In August, 2017,  I got certified as a Professional Recovery Coach through the NET Institute for Addiction and Recovery.  In 2017, my husband and I went through Melissa Orlov's course The ADHD Effect on Marriage and I am a student in the Simply ADHD course through the ADD Coach AcademyADD/ADHD have similar traits with Recovery...often these go together.

I am also a certified DiSC facilitator and certified in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.


My Coaching Goal for You

My mission and passion is to help you thrive and to choose a life of wellness and wholeness

I am not an intellectual. If you are looking for someone who can go head to head with you...I am NOT your coach. If, however, you want transparency, authenticity, humor, heart and someone who will create a safe space for you, then I AM your coach. 

  • I will not give you the answers... you already have them. You will discover that they were there all along.


  • I will provide you with practical tools to help you stay sober; tools to help you stay detached in a relationship with your addicted/alcoholic loved one, and I will provide structures to help in living with ADD/ADHD. 


  • I will provide you with a Wellness Improvement System Assessment Instrument to help you "Work Well.  Live Well. Play Well."  from Interpersonal Wellness Services (Joyce Odidson, M.A., PCC).


  • I will help you believe in yourself.

Ultimately, this is up to you.  If you want things to be different, invest in yourself.  You are worth it.  Coaching only works if you WANT it.

I would love to partner with you.


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